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Why Rehydration Drinks are Important for Athletes

To stay healthy, people need to replenish the fluid in their bodies. Even if someone is just sitting in front of a computer, he or she needs to stay hydrated.


In the case of athletes, hydration is especially important. Because they regularly engage in physically demanding activities, they run a greater risk of dehydration due to increased sweating. This leads to lower levels of water and electrolytes in the body, which can adversely affect performance. In extreme cases, dehydration can cause muscle spasms, nausea, convulsions and severe health problems.



Because athletes have a greater chance of becoming dehydrated, they should consume an electrolyte drink or other oral rehydration solutions before and after an event or training. By enabling a person to stay active for longer, they can help improve performance and endurance.


Here are the times during which athletes can be at the greatest risk of dehydration:


  • Dehydration During a Sporting Event: Athletes are most at risk of becoming dehydrated during a match or event. Because they need to stay focused on the action in front of them, they might forget to hydrate or have limited time to do so. Some cases of sports-related dehydration have gone untreated for hours after an event. In these instances, the athlete’s performance has suffered in subsequent competitions.


  • Dehydration During Training: Athletes can easily get dehydrated during training sessions as well. It is worth noting that the type and amount of fluids that will need to be replaced can vary depending on how long the athlete is training. For training sessions that last an hour or less, plain water or standard sports drinks could be enough for rehydration purposes. For longer sessions or multiple workouts on the same day, oral rehydration solutions may be necessary.


  • Dehydration While Traveling: Athletes could also get dehydrated while traveling to a meet. Airplane cabins have very low humidity (about 10-20% as opposed to the regular indoor humidity of 30-65%). This can make people dehydrated without their noticing. In this situation, drinking water may be sufficient to stay hydrated.

Rehydration drinks can keep an athlete’s energy level up and reduce feelings of lethargy or fatigue. They can also help athletes avoid health issues such as high blood pressure and joint stiffness.


DripDrop is one of the best oral rehydration solutions currently available. Athletes, firefighters and members of the armed forces use it improve stamina, performance and focus.


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DripDrop was invented to save lives under challenging conditions. From health clinics in the Third World and world-class athletes to performers on tour, consumers can use DripDrop’s electrolyte packets and other products to combat dehydration and the dangers associated with it.


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Oral Rehydration Solutions are Essential During Winters

With winter just around the corner, Americans everywhere are beginning to dust off skis, snowboards, skates and hockey sticks in preparation for a busy sports season. Winter is a time for many spectacular outdoor adventures, though people often forget the importance of remaining hydrated.



It is a common misconception that the human body only becomes dehydrated during hot, humid months.Since the body is not overheating and any sweat quickly evaporates into the cold air, many believe that the body is not losing fluids and is not at risk for dehydration. In reality, dehydration is as much a potential risk in winter as it is in summer.


During periods of cold weather, the body’s thirst response slows dramatically—by as much as 40%—and this can occur even when the body is already dehydrated. The reason for this slowdown is blood vessels which constrict in the cold and reduce or eliminate blood from reaching the body’s extremities—lower body, hands and more. Due to this constriction, the body conserves heat and draws blood only to the body’s core regions. Essentially, the body is tricked into operating as if it is completely hydrated—without feeling thirsty, we do not drink more fluids and our bodies do not conserve water.


The risk of dehydration remains in cold weather, even if our bodies are not telling us we need to worry about it. Whether hitting the slopes, running outdoors or snowshoeing through a forest, it is essential to remain hydrated at all times and rehydration drinks are the perfect solution for many. They are convenient to carry anywhere, simple to use and packed with vital electrolytes to guarantee rapid and complete rehydration. In fact, a 2003 clinical study showed no difference in efficacy between oral rehydration solutions (ORS) like DripDrop and expensive and invasive IVs.


DripDrop was developed to help keep bodies hydrated and healthy in even the most challenging circumstances. Smarter hydration begins with DripDrop—safe enough to be used every day and strong enough to help fight chronic health conditions.


About DripDrop:


DripDrop was invented to save lives and is proven to combat the effects of dehydration on overall health, mood and performance. From clinics in the Third World and world-class athletes to performers on tour and local firefighters, now everyone can use electrolyte packets of DripDrop to combat dehydration and the dangers that it introduces.


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Source: http://dripdrop.com

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